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Payroll Services

See our list of payroll services below

Naturally we provide the following basic payroll services that you would expect:

  • Weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual payroll calculations based upon information provided by yourselves
  • All calculations concerning additions and deductions to gross pay : PAYE, National Insurance, SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP, holiday pay, student loans,  Attachment of Earnings Orders, Pension contributions, vehicle allowances, private medical benefits
  • Special calculations for Director’s payroll
  • Detailed payslip for each employee
  • Range of payroll summary reports for individuals, departments or the Company as a whole
  • Full period reporting for PAYE and National Insurance liabilities
  • Net pay reports for your BACS, online banking or faxpay needs
  • All HMRC forms dealt with on your behalf
  • In-year forms (P45,P46) and year-end forms (P35, P14,P38A) filed electronically
  • RTI-compliant submissions for your payroll, including EPS recoveries

Additional Services:


  • Online verification and submission of CIS information
  • P46 (car) information submitted electronically for a nominal fee
  • Company car administration, including submission of year-end P11Ds and P11D(b) which can be completed based on the information provided by you for a fee per P11D
  • Annual Returns filed electronically for Annual PAYE schemes or individuals
  • Nominal ledger exports for costing interfaces to ledgers