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Interactive AE guide for small employers launched by TPR

Interactive AE guide for small employers launched by TPR

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has produced a new, interactive, step-by-step website guide to help reduce the challenge of auto-enrolment for the UK’s smallest employers.

With around 1.8 million small and micro businesses staging for auto-enrolment over the next two and a half years, TPR’s guide is designed to meet the specific needs of these employers who may not have pensions experience, including those with just one or two staff.

The guide – which is available to view at http://bit.ly/1PDBBdU – provides information for employers on what to do, and by when, using videos, animations and infographics.

Ros Altmann, pensions minister, said: “Auto-enrolment has been a great success so far but, as we start the process of rolling it out to the UK’s smallest employers, we need to tailor our support to make sure it is fit for purpose.

“I believe simplification is vital and The Pensions Regulator has made great strides in modernising its language and approach, to help employers. This new interactive step-by-step guide is an excellent initiative to help even the smallest employers fulfil their auto-enrolment duties and comply with the law.”

TPR’s executive director for auto-enrolment, Charles Counsell, said: “We have worked hard to make the language of pensions simpler for a new audience of small and micro employers with little or no pensions experience. Our website now presents clear options for those small and micro employers who don’t have complex workforces and want instructions on how to comply without having to wade through lots of details.

“Workplace pensions do not need to be complex for the hundreds of thousands of employers who have still to meet their legal duties. Many micro employers have just one member of staff. We are helping them to navigate a straightforward path to successfully completing auto-enrolment.”

The new online guide includes the following:

• A duties checker. To help employers understand which duties apply to them, there are interactive questions which allow an employer to quickly establish if they will need to put any staff into a pension scheme.

• A step-by-step guide for those who do not employ staff eligible for auto-enrolment, including how to provide a pension scheme for employees who still ask to join one.

• It provides a streamlined journey for those with domestic workers and those who employ a personal care assistant.

• Videos, animation and infographics all helping employers understand what auto-enrolment is and what they need to consider when choosing a pension scheme.

TPR is urging all employers to use the duties checker on its website to find out which legal duties apply to them. Employers will receive customised communications relevant to their situation after using the duties checker to tell TPR about their circumstances. Those who employ personal care assistants can identify themselves through this route or by phone.

As well as updates to the website, TPR’s supporting publications, letters and emails sent to employers have also been redesigned.